The MBA (Executive) Programme of WAII was conceptualized in response to the need of the Alumni and the entire market in the sub region to further develop their Manpower capacity in the area of General Management.

The Alumni of WAII and indeed every insurance practitioner, who have graduated for some years and are occupying managerial positions in the industry need to have an opportunity to further develop their academic capabilities while not been disturbed at work.

This MBA Executive Programme of WAII has therefore, been designed to fulfil this purpose. Candidates can go through this programme without much disturbance of their daily activities at work.

The programme is an 18-months programme with 10 modules of Academic subjects and a research work in their area of specialization.

There are three areas of specialization:
1. MBA (Insurance and Risk management)
2. MBA (Marketing)
3. MBA (Banking and Finance)

There are five core courses common to the three areas of specialization while there are five subjects in each of the three areas as electives.

A set of CDs and / or Video CDs / DVDs will be distributed to students after registration covering all the topics in each subject. Students will be required to listen to them in addition to the recommended and required textbooks for each subject. On completion of the reading, they will attempt the assignments on each subject. At least 2,500 words are required as answers to each assignment. The assignments will be assessed and if the student passes it, he or she will move to the next subject. This will be done for all the ten courses within the 1st 15 months of programme.

Thereafter, a minimum of 15,000 research work will be done on the student’s area of specialization and on completion the students will be required to come to WAII headquarters in BANJUL, The GAMBIA for defence. On successful completion of the defence of the project work and the 10 assignment, the students will graduate with an MBA in the area of specialization. Details are stated below through a download link.

We are optimistic that this will enable every one in the Insurance industries in our sub region and indeed in Africa as a whole to further develop their intellectual capacity, enhance their management ability and improve their contributions to be development of the insurance sectors in Africa and their economy in general.

On our part in WAII, we reassure you of our excellent academic programmes, resourceful and experienced trainers, dedication to duty and impactful training of manpower in our industries.


MBA Course outline (PDF) this requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
MBA Course Outline (Msword)