The Waii Society Of Fellows

Brief Background of the Society

The WAII Society of Fellows was formed in 1994 in recognition of individuals who have contributed immeasurably to the academic and infrastructural development of the Institute.

The Society was resuscitated in 2017 at an Inaugural Dinner hosted in Banjul, The Gambia, by the former President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, who is also an alumnus of WAII having been a member of the pioneer batch of students of the One Year Diploma in Insurance Program of 1979.

All existing and new members of the Society were formally inducted into the Society during the Inaugural Dinner in 2017 which also had HE President Adama Barrow, President of the Republic of The Gambia in attendance.

Objectives of the Society of Fellows

The society has three main objectives.

  1. To serve as a forum for Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  2. To create a platform for elders in the industry to retain their affiliation and allegiance to WAII
  3. To create and develop a faculty of professionals who can contribute to the academic and professional life of WAII even in retirement

Activities of the Society of Fellows

  • The Society of Fellows amongst other activities holds an annual dinner in which one of its members presents a paper.
  • Alhaji Mohammed Kari, former Commissioner for Insurance of the National Insurance Commission of Nigeria (NAICOM), was elected as the first President of the Society at the Inaugural Dinner in December 2017.
  • Solomon Samba, an alumnus and former Vice Chairman of the Governing Council presented a paper on ‘Mentoring the next generation of Insurance Professionals for effective Corporate Leadership’ during the Society’s annual dinner in 2018.
  • At the annual dinner of 2019, Dr. Aaron Issa Anafure, an alumnus and also former Vice Chairman of the Governing Council of WAII presented a paper on ‘The Prospects of Life Assurance in the West African Landscape’.
  • During the Society’s annual dinner of 2019, the baton of leadership was passed on to Mr. Samuel O. Mintah, as he was sworn in as President of the Society for two-year tenure. Mintah, a member of the Governing Council of WAII, is the Executive Vice Chairman, Insurance Company of Africa, Liberia.

Members of the Society

Grand Patron – H. E. Adama Barrow

Hon. President – H. E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma

President – Mr. Sam O. Mintah

1. Prof. J. O. Irukwu (1994) 40. Mr. Gustav Siale (2010)
2. Prof. Gordon W. Shaw (1994) Deceased 41. Dr. Justus Uranta (2010)
3. Mr. A. C. K. Chapman (1994) Deceased 42. Ms. Lydia Bawa (2010)
4. Chief (Dr.) Sonny D. Odogwu (1995) 43. Mr. Kwame Gazo-Agbenyedzie (2010)
5. Mr. Lloyd A. During (1995) Deceased 44. Mr. J. F. Wilcox (2010)
6. Mr. Daniel K. Afriyie (1995) 45. Mr. William B. Coker (2010)
7. Mr. A. K. Oniwinde (1995) 46. Mr. Rotimi Fashola (2010)
8. Mr. Eugene Okwor (1995) 47. Mr. George S. Dahn (2010)
9. Mr. Samuel Appiah-Ampofo (1996) 48. Sam O. Mintah (2010)
10. Alhaji Mohammed Koguna (1996) 49. Mr. Arthur Yaskey (2010)
11. Mr. Ernest B. Koroma (1996) 50. Ms. Deborah Forster (2010)
12. Mr. Olayinka Lijadu (1996) Deceased 51. Mr. Kawsu Darboe (2010)
13. Mr. James R. Abban (1997) 52. Mr. Adeyemo Adejumo (2010)
14. Mr. Solomon J. Samba (2003) 53. Ven. Olushola O. Ladipo-Ajayi (2015)
15. Chief Dr. O. A. Bailey (2003) 54. Dr. Akinade Akanmu Ogunbiyi (2015)
16. Mr. Patrick Kpodo (2003) 55. Dr. Sakiru Olanipekun Oyefeso (2015)
17. Mr. Babu A. M. Ciesse (2003) Deceased 5 56. Hon. Minkailu Mansaray (2015)
18. Chief M. O. Adeyemi (2003) 57. Mr. Ivan Abubakar Avereyireh (2015)
19. Mr. Everett J. Clark (2003) 58. Mr. Godwin Odah (2015)
20. Mr. Ope Oredugba (2003) 59. Mr. Paul O. Olayinka (2015)
21. Mr. M. A. Dako (2003) 60. Mr. Dawda Sarge (2015)
22. Chief (Mrs.) E. O. Olubusi (2003) 61. Rev. Patience Dowuona-Hammond (2015)
23. Ms. Prisca M. Soares (2008) 62. Mr. Frank Oppong-Yeboah (2016)
24. Mr. Bala Zakariya’u (2008) 63. Dr. Aaron Issa Anafure (2016)
25. Mr. T. T. Mirilla (2008) 64. Mr. A. A. Kanu (2016)
26. Mr. Pa Alassan Jagne (2008) Deceased 65. Dr. Fatai Kayode Lawal (2016)
27. Mr. Bai Ndongo Faal (2008) 66. Mr. Joe Ameh (2016)
28. Mrs. Senor Thomas Sowe (2008) 67. Sir Ogala Osoka, MFR (2017)
29. Mrs. Josephine J. Amoah (2008) 68. Mr. Rajni Varia (2017)
30. Mr. George Otoo (2008) 69. Mr. Kwesi Mensah Ashidam (2017)
31. Mr. William O. Agbenyega (2008) Deceased 70. Mr. Amos Adeoye Falade (2017)
32. Mr. Victor Kusi-Yeboah (2008) 71. Mr. Kasali Salami (2017)
33. Mrs. Alice Onomake (2008) 72. Dr. M. O. Ajaja (2018)
34. Mr. Dan Naatehn (2008) 73. Mr. Lary K. Jiagge (2018)
35. Mr. H. Momo Fortune (2008) 74. Mr. Justice Ofori (2019)
36. Alhaji Muhammed Kari (2008) 75. Mr. Ezekiel A. Ekundado (2019)
37. Mr. Fola Daniel (2008) 76. Mr. Makaireh Badjan (2019)
38. Ms. Prisca M. Soares (2008) 77. Mr. Babatunde Thomas (2019)
39. Mr. Pa Alieu Sillah (2008) 78. Mr. Raymond Macauley (2019)


  1. Anthony Kobina-Woode (1994)
  2. Richelieu Dennis (1994)
  3. Ake W. Lindberg (1994)

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Main Office:

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