The One Year Diploma in Insurance

Objectives of the Program

The WAII One Year Full-Time Residential Diploma Program for Prospective Middle-Level Managers is tailor-made professionally and all encompassing to meet up with international standard as well as the changing needs of its customers, the insurance industry and the supervisors within the sub-region.


The program is divided into two semesters.  There are ten (10) modules per semester.  Students are required to take a class Continuous Assessment test during each semester in all the subjects to account for 30% while the remaining 70% is achievable during the final examinations at the end of each semester.  Students are also required to submit a group project work as additional prerequisite to the award of the WAII Diploma in Insurance.



1 GC:101 Business Ethics & Environment 3 30
2 GC:102 Business Law and Insurance 3 30
3 TC:103 Basic Principles of Insurance 5 30
4 TC:104 Risk Management 5 30
5 TC:105 Emerging Insurances 5 60
6 TC:106 Life Assurance Practice and Taxation 5 60
7 TC:107 Financial Aspects of Long Term Business & Investment 5 30
8 TC:108 Pension Planning and Administration 5 30
9 MC:109 Risk, Regulations and Capital Adequacy 4 45
10 MC:110 Accounting and Finance for Managers in Insurance 4 30



1 TC:201 Underwriting Management 5 30
2 TC:202 Introduction to Takaful Insurance 5 30
3 TC:203 Motor Insurance 5 45
4 TC:204 Liability and Personal Insurances 5 45
5 TC:205 Special Risks Insurance and World Trade 5 45
6 TC:206 Property and Pecuniary Insurance 5 60
7 TC:207 Principles and Practice of Reinsurance 5 30
8 TC:208 Claims Management 5 30
9 MC:209 Principles and Practice of Management in Insurance 4 30
10 MC:210 Insurance Marketing, Broking & Agency Management 4 30


1 RM: 211 Research Methodology/Group Project Work 8
2 BR: 212 ECOWAS Brown Card N.E.


N.E. – Non-Examinable subject


WAII is affiliated to both the Chartered Insurance Institutes of London and Nigeria.

  • With the CII London, holders of the WAII Diploma are awarded 95 credit units at Diploma level, out of the total 140 available under the recognition of prior learning awards leading to qualification with the body.
  • The Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria grants the following exemptions to holders of the WAII Diploma.
  • One (1) subject at Certificate level;
  • One (1) subject at the Diploma level; and
  • Three (3) subjects at the Advanced Diploma level
  • WAII is also affiliated to The Institutes in America. Students who opt for this route may also apply for waivers from the body.

We Are Highly Rated by Our Students

4.7 out of 5

Our medical group is grateful for your wonderful course and professional, welcoming atmosphere in the classroom. Cheers!

Mary Clarks


Trying something new is exciting! Thanks for the amazing law course and the great teacher who was able to make it interesting.

Michael Smith


I liked the education programs, and the teaching staff is awesome! Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn at your center!

Kelly Walker


You really do help young creative minds to get quality education and professional job search assistance. I’d recommend it to everyone!

Justin Morris

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West African Insurance Institute
PMB 470 S/K,
Kotu South, Banjul, The Gambia
T: (220)4460319,

Main Office:

West African Insurance Institute
PMB 470 S/K,
Kotu South, Banjul, The Gambia
T: (220)4460319,

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