Courses Offered

As a member of the Association of African Insurance Educators and Trainers (AAIET) – WAII promotes practical training programmes for Middle Level Managers of Insurance Institutions in the West African sub-region.

However due to its achievements in these arrears in three decades and its potentials to provide the much needed human resources development and training at all levels of management, the Institute has been refocused to provide training programmes that would meet the changing business needs of the Insurance Market in the sub-region.

Insurance Foundation Course (IFC)

This programme is designed as stand-alone qualification in Insurance.  It is the first step for anyone who is entering insurance without any insurance background or prerequisite qualification for entry into the WAII One-Year Diploma Programme inBanjul, The Gambia.  The IFC consists of the following courses:

  • FC01:             –           Insurance, the Market, Legal and Regulatory Background
  • FC02:                         Communication Skills
  • FC03:             –           Introduction to General Insurance Business
  • FC04               –           Introduction to Life Assurance Business
  • FC05               –           Insurance Marketing and Agency Management
  • FC06               –           Quantitative Methods

The Course is currently being run in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and The Gambia.  The Programme is for three months and successful candidates are awarded IFC Certificate.  The fee is US$600, covering tuition and course materials only.

One Year Diploma Programme

This is a step beyond the IFC.  It is One Year Full-Time Residential Course in Banjul, The Gambia.  The programme is designed on two-semester basis to cover technical (TC) Management (MC) and General Courses (GC) as well a project works in chosen areas of Insurance Studies.  The subjects on semester basis are as follow:

GC: 101 Business Ethics & Environment GC: 201 Research Methodology
GC: 102 Business Law and Insurance GC: 202 Introduction to Takaful Insurance
TC: 103 Basic Principles of Insurance TC: 203 Motor Insurance
TC: 104 Risk Management TC: 204 Liability & Personal & Insurances
TC: 105 Health Insurance TC: 205 Special Risks Insurance & World Trade
TC: 106 Life Assurance Practice & Taxation TC: 206 Property & Pecuniary Insurance
TC: 107 Financial Aspects of Long term Business and Investment TC: 207 Principles & Practice of Reinsurance
TC: 108 Pension Planning and Administration TC: 208 Agriculture Insurance
MC: 109 Risk, Regulations and Capital Adequacy MC: 209 Principles & Practice of Management in Insurance
MC: 110 Accounting and Finance for Managers in Insurance MC: 210 Insurance Marketing, Broking & Agency Management
PW/GC: 201 Project Work

This Programme is for a period of ONE YEAR starting in January.  The fee is US$8500 including Tuition, Feeding, Accommodation, Course Materials and personal allowance.  The programme is run at the main campus in Banjul, The Gambia.

 Short Term Courses 

These are in-house training programmes designed for organisations on demand.  Short Term courses are arranged as follows:

STC: 01 Life Assurance Product Development and Marketing Programme
STC: 02 The Art of Insurance Marketing
STC: 03 Bond and Credit Insurance Underwriting
STC: 04 Reinsurance Accents
STC: 05 Risk Management Course
STC: 06 Insurance Accounting Course
STC: 07 Insurance Management Course
STC: 08 Marine Cargo Insurance Programmes
STC: 09 Insurance Agency Management Course
STC: 10 Agricultural Insurance Course

Each of these programmes is for one-week duration and the fee is US$200

Advanced Certificate Of Insurance Practice

The following courses are offered:

  •  ACC: 01         General Insurance Business
  • ACC: 02         Life Assurance Businesses
  • ACC: 03         Reinsurance Business
  • ACC: 04         Insurance Brooking
  • ACC: 05         Professional Life Assurance Salesmanship
  • ACC: 06         Health Insurance
  • ACC: 07         Insurance Management

These programmes are for three months duration.

Other Courses


The Diploma Programmes prepares participants directly for a career in business or to gain entry on to a range of professional qualifications and university courses.  The programmes also enables students to appreciate the basic theoretical issues involved in the study of business enterprise and a range of other related skills, which enhances their productive value to their prospective or respective employers or organisations.

The Institute has commenced with the running of a Diploma in Marketing Course in September, 2005.  The duration of the course is six (6) months and it is divided into two (2) semesters.  The subjects on semester basis are as follows:

DIM:01 – Principles & Practice of Marketing DIM:06 – Marketing Planning & Management
DIM:02 – Marketing Communication & Customer Care DIM:07 – Marketing Research
DIM:03 – Accounting Principles and Practices
DIM:08 – Principles & Practices of Management
DIM:04 – International & Legal Aspects of Marketing
DIM:09 – Quantitative Methods
DIM:05 – Insurance Marketing DIM:10 – Sales Management

Other major Diploma Courses scheduled to take off very soon are in the following:-

  •  DIIT              Diploma in Information Technology
  • DIFM             Diploma in Financial Management
  • DIM                Diploma in Purchasing & Resourcing
  • DIBF              Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • DIA                Diploma in Accounting
  • DIBT             Diploma in Business Tourism
  • DIBM            Diploma in Business Management
  • DIIA              Diploma in Investment Analysis

Entry Qualifications

  • W. A. S. S. E. Certificate or equivalent. – at least 5 credits including English with at least a pass in mathematics.
  • G. C. E. ‘0’ Level or equivalent.
  • Ø Any other qualification recognised by the Institute.