Country Standing

The business environment of the world has become more dynamic, especially with the advent of high-level technology, which has turned the world into a global village. Every Organisation operating within the global village must therefore be sensitive to the increasing dynamism of this global Environment.

To keep abreast of these rapid changes the course structure of the WAII programme has been reviewed, not only to make it current but also to meet the changing needs of its customers- the Insurance Institutions and the supervisors within the sub-region.

The new course structure has been designed to capture the following developments:

The need to run the programme on semester basis to allow for better understanding by students

The need to make the programme more practical and relevant in terms of job schedules of participants

The need to enhance the quality of the diploma certificate by enlarging and enriching the contents include modern business multidisciplinary subjects such as Management, Marketing, and Finance. Law etc.

The need to reflect changes in the Insurance Business Environment of the sub-region.

The need to increase students’ participation and motivation in the programme.

The need to improve on student understanding of the theory and practice of insurance as they relate to the West African sub-region in particular and the world in general.

The need to obtain better recognition and hence more exemptions for graduates wishing to go in for professional qualifications of other Institutes such as;

i) The Chartered Insurance Institute of London
ii) The Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria
iii) The Insurance Institute of South Africa
iv) The American Institute for CPCU and Insurance Institute of America
v) The National Insurance Academy, Indian etc.

The need to produce more professionally competent graduates to justify the Investment on the students through improved productivity at work place among other developments.