As a global leader, Cambridge Graduate University is designed for you.  Cambridge Graduate University is the world’s first global campus university crafted by the world’s top scholars for a select cohort of global leaders to have 21st Century global impact and beyond.  Prestigious scholars and practitioners from elite universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Oxford, London School of Economics and more, personally travel with, mentor and transform each select cohort of global leaders through global immersion intensives, building a rare and powerful global network of global leaders for global impact.  It is your time!  Let’s transform and empower you!

CGU offers a unique option for combined masters/doctoral level degree programs in the domain specializations of Business, Global Studies, Regulatory Science & Public Health. Students electing a combined program would complete a three to five year course schedule. Students enrolled in the combined degree program would complete comprehensive exams in lieu of submitting a Masters Thesis.

Admissions criteria and requirements are the same as for Masters Degree applicants. In addition to completing the full doctoral level courses, comprehensive and dissertation requirements, combined degree students would be required to take a series of intensive pre-program Introduction to Graduate Education course work with a focus on introduction to research methodology, academic writing, analytical inquiry and course load time management.